Sports Massage (60 Mins or 30 Mins)

Sports Massage is not just for sports people! In fact it is simply a term for a range of advanced massage techniques designed to assist with soft tissue problems caused by repetitive physical activity. Obviously this is often applicable to sports people but repetitive soft tissue problems or injuries may also be caused by activities such as gardening, playing the violin or even sitting in front of a PC for up to 8 hours a day!

At the start of your Sports Massage treatment we will discuss your specific issues and concerns and if necessary assess range of movement of specific joints. It is common for a 60 mins Sports Massage treatment to focus on either the upper or lower body, particularly where there is a specific issue or problem. Most Sports Massage treatments combine traditional and advanced massage techniques followed by assisted stretching of the muscle groups worked.

At the end of the treatment we will discuss what we have found during the treatment, including (if appropriate) re-assessment of joint range of movement, and where appropriate give you self-care advice, possibly including remedial exercises. If a specific soft tissue problem is being treated it is likely that a course of treatments is required and we will discuss and agree a personal treatment plan at the end of your first treatment.

The potential benefits of Sports Massage are not merely in assisting recovery from minor soft tissue injuries but in helping prevent soft tissue problems in the future. This involves not only treating the symptoms of a particular problem but getting to the original source of the problem. This may lie in sporting technique or in repetitive everyday activities and it may require onward referral to other professionals such as physiotherapists or podiatrists for a definitive diagnosis. However, ultimately the aim is to have regular maintenance Sports Massage treatments to help prevent recurrence of soft tissue problems and to be an early warning system for any potential problems.

We have extensive Sports Massage experience from working in physiotherapy clinics in both London and Epsom. Our clients have included professional dancers and performers from London's West End but the majority of our clients have been a mixture of keen sportspeople, stressed out office workers and more than a sprinkling of soon-to-be or recent mums!