Holistic Massage (60 Mins)

How often do you allow yourself time to completely unwind away from work, kids, laptops and mobile phones? Like most of us in today's hectic modern world the answer is probably at best 'rarely' or most likely 'never'. If this sounds like you then why not book yourself a relaxing Holistic Massage?

Our Holistic Massage is a firm but deeply relaxing full body massage that includes some or all of the following areas: neck, shoulders, back, head, buttocks, legs, stomach, chest and face. We use warm oils and slow, flowing strokes to release deeply held patterns of muscular tension while also relaxing and soothing the affected areas. This, together with dimmed lighting and relaxing music, helps relieve physical and mental stress and aids relaxation and a general feeling of well-being.

We are able to draw on a wide range of techniques and influences from our training in both Sport and Remedial Massage and in Thai Yoga Massage and in our Holistic Massage treatments we seek to combine a blend of these contrasting influences in order to restore a balance between body and mind.

Signature Massage (90 Mins)

We developed our Signature Massage in response to client requests for a deeper massage therapy experience. This may be a longer Holistic Massage treatment or it may be a combination of Sports and Holistic Massage treatments - the choice is yours!

At the start of your Signature Massage treatment we will ascertain your specific requirements for the session. This may include some Sports Massage techniques on a particular area of the body followed by a Holistic treatment for the remainder of the body. Or you may simply require 90 mins of pure relaxation and indulgence, and why not?!

Or how about buying a Signature Massage, or indeed any of our massage treatments, for a loved one? Massages make a perfect gift at any time of year and GIFT VOUCHERS are available - please enquire.